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Creative Writing – Help The Younger Child

Creative Writing

Help The Younger Child

Children need a stimulus to help them with creative writing. How often do parents hear “I don’t know what to write”? A short story from this site, the school library or your public library can help. Using the internet to research a topic, such as an animal, has its place. However, the internet doesn’t help a child to bring up small experiences from their memory.

The topic given by the classroom teacher could be general in nature.¬†With more specific topics it is not so easy. For instance, not all children have pets. So it’s hard for a child to write about this. But a relative may have one. A class can be asked to write about an outing or a holiday. This is easier. In fact, children may be so overwhelmed with information that parents can help them to narrow down the topic and organise ideas.

This is a step by step instruction sheet. It is written for children to read as well as the parents.

The First Step:

  • Write down your ideas as they come to you. You could write words, or a few words, so they will remind you a bit later.
  • Check the spelling of important words.

The Second Step:

  • For each idea write one short sentence.
  • Now, put the sentences into order. Some sentences will go together.
  • You could cut the sentences out and place them on a page. Leave a big space in between each one.

Thinking Time

Think of a hamburger.

The bread on the top is the introduction.

The bread at the bottom is your conclusion.

The meat, the salad and the cheese are the paragraphs in between.

The Third Step:

  • The first sentence in each paragraph is now in place. You could paste them down.
  • The task is to put the lettuce, the cucumber, the cheese and the meat patty into your hamburger. Follow on writing and use the first sentence to guide you.
  • What you add in each paragraph should connect to the topic sentence.

The Fourth Step:

  • You have finished your draft. Does it remind you of the hamburger?
  • Read it through slowly and fix spelling, capital letters and full stops.
  • Write your final copy using the draft you have just finished.

Review the writing piece. Help your child to spot errors without correcting them yourself.

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