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Flash Cards – How To Make, Literacy In Primary School

Flash Cards – How To Make Them

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Flash Cards – How To Make Them

Flash Cards and the Word Wall pages go together. Here is the link 


or from this list on this link:   https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/sight-words-prep-grade-1/

Step 1.

If you have some lead time with your Prep child, ask your circle of friends to save the card dividers from tea bag packs. Otherwise, if you are not too far from a stationery store, buy card. If you do it this way, you need to sit and cut the card. A small guillotine from the stationery store enables you to do this quickly. And you get a better result than using a scissors. From personal experience using a scissors is hard work as well. The guillotines are inexpensive.

I have laminated my cards so they last. If you decide to do this, leave a narrow margin around each card so the plastic doesn’t come apart. Another option is to seal the edges with sticky tape. However, this is tedious.

Step 2.

A bit of practice is needed on paper first. Get your printing style right. Use a permanent black marker with a thick tip.  How To Teach Handwriting will help you get the basics in order. The reason is that you are modelling hand printing for your child. Neat and even letters are the key. Use whatever style is taught in your child’s school or state. Here is the link to this post:


Step 3.

  • Measure with your eye where you need to write each word on that card. The aim is to get the word centred in the space.
  • Copy each word from the Word Wall or the Sight Words List. They are the same content.
  • Colour code each set with a colour in one corner. The children get to know what colour group they are doing well and are keen to move to the next set.
  • When placing each card in front of the child, you want immediate recognition. So test your child to see which words are known immediately. That’s your starting point. Tick those off on your own records.
  • Make a list in a wide book. Write the date across the top so record after you tested.

How To Teach Using Flash Cards


  1. place each card in front of your child and say the word yourself. Go through this once or twice.
  2. Then go through again. Say each word again. Ask your child to repeat each word after you.
  3. Do this, altogether, about three or four times. Or, until the child is tired. But try to build your child’s staying power.
  4. Then test. Again, place each word in front of your child. See what he or she recognises. Tick off on your own records for that date if your child recognises a word immediately on sighting.
  5. Repeat this process every day or every second day. Expect some regression but this is normal.
  6. Don’t wait for your child to know every word before moving on to the next set. You may have three sets going at one time.
  7. Reinforce earlier sets by going over them perhaps once a week.
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