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Improve Hand-Writing, Literacy

Improve Hand-Writing

To improve hand-writing in the older child:  The 3-Point Principle is

Model the letter. A couple of problem letters per week and only tackle real problems. Use the line: All downstrokes are straight, all upstrokes slant to the right.

Often called ‘joined up writing’, ‘running writing’ or similar we mean writing in script. Older kids are often sensitive if you want to teach them the basics of hand-writing again so stick to a simple principle: If your child’s writing is not good and you want it to improve, say

“All downstrokes are straight, all upstrokes slant to the right.”

The slant to the right enables the child to join the letters. The downstroke is the way the actual letter is formed. This keeps it simple and will also produce results.

Ten minutes regularly spent on explicit writing instruction should see improvements within a few weeks.  Ask the student to work on two letters for a week. Model the way you want the letter formed first. Doing this is the only way to get the desired result. If you are not doing this, and the school isn’t why be surprised that your child is not mastering the skills of writing.

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