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Literacy Teaching Packs For Grades 1 And 2

Literacy Teaching Packs For Grade 1 And 2.

Here Is A  Summary

  • The stories focus on spelling patterns for the early grades.
  • Animals and pets feature in many stories.
  • What boys like is a feature of content in a number of items.
  • The texts use common words.
  • Also, a chosen set of words with important spelling patterns, such as ai and oa, are targeted teaching in each unit .

My Dad Is A Mechanic is a short story retold by a child who helps his father in the workshop. That Bad Cat, Molly is about a naughty cat that has to go to live with grandma. Usually, the title reveals the content.



Overlap Between Year Levels

For many reasons, parents want to teach their children. I wanted to help parents in isolated places. I also wanted to help parents who have sick children that miss a lot of school, or don’t even go to school. Some children, for these reasons, have fallen behind. On the other hand, other parents try to move their children forward when they are already doing well.

For these reasons, the literacy packs on my website usually overlap by one or two years. You can only take your child at the point he or she is now at. This is regardless of the approximate year level by age. So a narrow view of the year level does not apply here.

In some cases, literacy items on this website are suitable for late Prep (Reception). They may also be suitable for the first six months of Year 2.

His Name is Nip and  Sam Finds A Baby Bird are both suitable for first year at school.



And there are many others.

Teaching With My Literacy Learning Packs

Many of these suggestions can be found in each item. My suggestions to parents are along these lines:

  • Read the text twice with your child. The first reading is for decoding. The second reading is for comprehension. A learner-reader cannot be expected to decode and comprehend well on one reading. If your child can do this then the text is not demanding enough.
  • On account of teaching methods in early primary schools that are common today, many children hurry through their reading. They make mistakes. They often guess. They skip words. And this is all due to the idea given to children that reading well means reading fast. Encourage your child to slow down. Even a ruler under the line helps to guide your child’s vision.
  • Each of my texts is followed by activities. Ask your child to read the instruction aloud so you know that he or she has understood what he has to do. Some children are inclined to rush into a task and begin to make mistakes. The tasks here usually increase in difficulty. Many children will not finish in one sitting.
  • So follow up with another reading of the text a few days later and then return to the tasks. Some children think that reading and completing activities is a memory task and your child can be reassured it is not. By saying, “Let’s check the text and see what it says,” helps a child to realize that the answer or the word is in the story.
  • Here is a link to an item for Prep and Grade 1.


“Sam Finds a Baby Bird”, Literacy In Primary School


Sam Finds a Baby Bird

This is a one-page story followed by writing tasks for Grade 1. The target words are oo and ee words.

The Story in Sam Finds A Baby Bird

A baby bird has fallen out of a nest. Sam cares for the bird until it is ready to fly away. It contains many common words and Grade 1 sight words.

After The Story

The writing activities include a rhyming task based on the vocabulary in the text. The child pics a word from the box and writes the word to complete sentences. Circle the oo words in red and the ee words in blue.

Who Uses Sam Finds A Baby Bird

It would support the parents who are trying to helping their own child. Download, print and teach using this off-the-shelf material and your child will progress. I have used this many times in my tutoring work and I now make it available to parents for their use.

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Alphabet Pictures and Early Primary School Word Wall are free to download. The Word Wall is a list of graded sight words that can be pasted on a wall. It’s best to print out in A4 first and then A3 for the wall.  The Alphabet Pictures is an A to Z list of sentences for beginner readers learning their alphabet. This is 2-pages and has small coloured pictures. Best to print in A4 first and then A3.



In Conclusion

I hope these various explanations, information and advice will help any parent who needs help. There is also advice on other Pages for each year level. While I say in many of my posts and products Any parent can download, print and teach…” I believe that is true. But every parent can do with help as well.