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Mary Keating – About Me

My Qualifications and Experience

Mary Keating is an experienced teacher….

I’ve taught primary school and all levels of secondary school.  I’ve also taught in post-secondary education in Australia.

I’ve taught in Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. My specialist area is language acquisition and development.

My qualifications include a

  • Bachelor of Arts,
  • a Graduate Diploma in Education and
  • a Graduate Diploma of Business.

I undertook these qualifications at University of Melbourne and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

I frequently post to my Facebook page under Mary Keating. Many posts are on educational matters. I have a Page in Facebook for www.tutoringprimary.com and post extracts from my website.

If you believe your child can do better at school then these worksheets will help any parent to tutor their own child. They are ready-to-use and usually stand-alone units of work. Read the description to decide the year level you want and even the skills you want to reinforce with your own child.

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My Literacy Worksheets

  • The teaching and learning resources on this website are primarily for parents’ use.
  • I have used these language and maths items on a regular basis as a home tutor. I know they have proven to drive up literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Learning materials available here are all based on Australian curriculum objectives. But wherever a person is, children in primary school are really learning the same basics of literacy and numeracy.
  • The settings of much of the reading material is Australia and sometimes country locations.
  • Most of the early reading texts are based on and around target spelling patterns.
  • I am offering these items for use by parents and others with an interest in children’s reading, writing and maths.
  • All materials on my site are designed for one-to-one teaching. The parent or teacher can use these materials for reading, conversations and direct instruction.
  • The literacy learning materials offer extended text reading that a student does not always get in today’s busy classrooms.
  • These literacy items range from one page (Prep and Grade 1) and up to six pages in length for Upper Primary (Elementary) School. Most are three to four pages. They are in 16pt and for younger students they are in 18pt.  Many have a picture or diagram. The emphasis, is on the printed word, however. It is not on “reading pictures”.

Software learning programs have a place in learning but so also does individual teaching. One can’t replace the other completely. Each item is designed for downloading and printing but some can be used online. It just means the student writes the answer in a notebook rather than on the printed page. There are line drawings in most of the lesson packs. These are good for colouring in, enhance the appearance of the page, and keep your costs down.

Welcome to Mary Keating’s website.

Questions and discussion are always welcome on my Facebook page under Mary Keating.