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Maths For First Year At School

Maths For First Year At School

Maths For First Year At School is a set of hints for parents and others. Kids need to know their numbers 1 to 10. Of course we know they can count. But they need to recognise the numbers when they see them.

Idea 1

Make small cards. Each card has a number. Write the number in big, bold print. Two sets of the numbers 1 to 10 are useful.

  • Say the number and put the card in front of the child. Do it slowly.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • Do this every day.
  • Reward the child with each improvement.

Idea 2

Lay the numbers out in front of the child without any order and face up.

  • Ask your child to pick up the number 6. Or the number 3, and so on.
  • Reward the child when he or she gets them right.

Idea 3

Using two sets of numbers 1 to 10, lay them out upside down without any order.

  • Toss a coin to see who starts the game. The aim is to make pairs by recalling where the cards are.
  • Each of you turns over two cards. If they match you have a pair and take them off the table.
  • If the cards are not a match, turn them downside again.

Whoever has the most pairs wins the game. Of course you let the child win! This reinforces recognition and memory.

Make cards up to 20. As the child’s skills improve include more numbers. It may help to write the units in one colour and the tens in another colour.

Idea 4

On a large piece of paper such as blank newsprint, or A3, write the outline of the number in large. There should be lots of space INSIDE the number.

  • Write the number in the air first.
  • Ask the child to draw the number in the air.
  • Then the child writes the number INSIDE the big number.
  • Take it in turns to write the number inside the space. Repeat what number you are both writing.
  • Around the number, ask your child to draw something such as flowers, balloons or animals according to the number the child is learning. So the child draws 2 cats or 2 balloons and so on.
  • These can be coloured in. The adult and the child can colour in together.
  • Do one number each day. Before beginning another number, talk with your child about what number you both did yesterday.

Idea 5

Use a set of counters. These can be big buttons or counters from an educational supplier. Buttons are colourful and cheap if you buy in a jar from a haberdashery or sewing store.

  • Lay out a number of counters. Say 5.
  • You point to each counter and count the buttons. Then ask the child to do the same. The child will be able to count verbally, I’m sure.
  • Watch to see if the child points and counts each one.
  • Some children can’t co-ordinate the counting and pointing. If this is the case, hold the child’s index finger and count and point. This way, the child understands the correlation between the two.
  • Put out another number of counters. Ask the child to count.
  • As you move along and make progress, put 3 counters out on one side, a ruler next as a boundary, then put 3 counters on the other side of the ruler. Ask how many altogether. Count together.
  • Repeat this technique. Children find it easier to recall 2 + 2, 3+3, 4+ 4 etc. than adding different numbers. After a while the child will remember the answers to these small addition sums. Use the counters to reinforce the learning visually.

With these ideas¬†your child will make good progress through Prep. This work at home supports what the teacher is teaching in the classroom. If you are teaching the child yourself at home, use the set curriculum for Home Schooling or Distance Education. And use these teaching methods to reinforce your child’s learning.

Useful Items

Counting Worksheet For Preps

This free worksheet can be used many times. Make multiple copies. Put your own sum or number fact in each blank. Lightly write a number in each balloon and ask the child to write over it. Good to colour in as well. Here is the link:

https://www.tutoring primary.com/product/counting-worksheet-preps-maths/

In the package for Preps there is one similar sheet as well. Follow the link: