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Middle and Upper Primary Literacy Materials

Some reading materials are non-fiction, others are fiction. The purpose is to provide extended pieces of text with related writing or word study activities. The fiction also seeks to inform and to provide less familiar as well as familiar contexts.

My aim is not to produce great literature, but rather to encourage reading and literacy skills through repetition of common words and extension of vocabulary with increasingly complex sentence structure. Some children in Grade 5 are reading at a Grade 3 or 4 level and vice versa.

I also select subject matter that improves children’s general knowledge. There is some history, geography and maps, animals, the human body, and trees, insects and plants. The topics are adapted to your child’s vocabulary and knowledge of sentence complexity. They can also help when your child needs to do a project for school.

There are some grammar activities available, such as work on phrases and clauses and verb tenses; irregular verbs and their tenses, and word matching to meanings or opposites. There are cloze activities, comprehension and discussion tasks. All the language tasks draw on the text. Target word families and spelling patterns are often underlined in the text and the activities refer back to this vocabulary.