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Middle and Upper Primary Maths Materials

My maths sheets are designed to provide practice and reinforcement of skills learned in school. In most cases, each sheet is a stand-alone. They are designed to be used for one-to-one teaching. If your child can do a sheet quickly and without error, it’s too easy and you need to move your child on. When the child can do some but not all of the work, it is pitched at the right level. When working through and the student is unsure of either method or solution, then that provides you with your teaching moment. They cover:

  • the four functions;
  • fractions, decimals and percentages;
  • angles and shapes;
  • perimeter and area;
  • place and number; and
  • a range of problems.

I also provide several activities for learning times tables, and a number of charts that can be downloaded on geometry.