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Literacy For Prep And Grade 1

How to learn the alphabet and numbers  for prep

Prep children get the best chance in literacy and numeracy if they know the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 when they start school. The first year eases children into the routines of school, gives them a broader social life and extends their familiarity with the written word and how to use numbers. Reading and writing begin.

The first groups of 100 sight words are important to learn in Prep. Knowledge of letter and sound combinations enable first-year children to read simple three letter words. Together, the early sight words and three-letter words are used to create simple texts.

The best way to introduce children to numbers is to provide counters. Even buttons come in very useful as counters. Introduce your child to the practice of “counting on“. This means that you have already counted out three counters. Add 2 and count on from 3. Don’t count the three counters again. So use the term “Count on from 3”. Set small groups of counters on the table so your child can see what groups of 2, 3, 4 and 5 look like.

Doubling and halving can be done using counters. To halve, work with even numbers. Lay out 10, for example. Put a pencil between the two halves and let the child count the two groups. In this way, the learner proves the half of 10 is 5. https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/counting-sheet-preps/ is a free item. Print out and make multiple copies. With this a parent can set many different counting tasks.

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