About Tulip, Literacy, Grade 2, 3


About Tulip is a 3-page extended lesson for Grade 3. The literacy tasks begin with extended reading about a clever pig who finds a treasure trove of old coins.

Writing tasks include

  • contractions, (haven’t to have not).
  • True/False activity and
  • practice in answering in complete sentences.

Parents or any other adult can use this lesson pack. It is probably two half-hour sittings at least.


About Tulip

About Tulip is a 3-page lesson pack for Grade 3. Tulip is a smart pig.  Target spelling are words with ea  as in bread.

What is in this lesson pack

This package includes:

  • an extended reading task,
  • contractions, (haven’t to have not).
  • There is a True/False activity and
  • practice in answering in complete sentences.
  • There are line drawings to colour in as well.

Who Uses This Pack

It is suitable for Grade 3. Any parent or other non-teacher can download, print and teach.  It is straight-forward.

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