Add and Take Away, Maths Pack, Grade 1


Add and Take Away is a pack of 5 sheets in big print. Easy for parents to teach and gets children off screens. Children write their answers. Lots of practice is what early learners need. Just download and print – your child gets the practice and parents get support. has a lot of sheets. Parents need to choose carefully. For young children, I think the type is too small in most of the sheets on line.





Add and Take Away is a package of 5 sheets for early learners. Clear, hand written text. Ordered from top to bottom in a logical way. Children in Grade 1 need practice with numbers. Each page is a stand alone. Children can read the instructions with a little help. This is the literacy bit.
A bit of help is the standard. Parents can give a bit of help. If your child finishes quickly then it is too easy. Move on to a pack that is more demanding. If your child can’t get the answers alone, then it may be too hard. Most Grade 1 children will be able to handle these sheets.
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Kids Can Count, Maths Pack Grade 1 but this is a bit easier than Add and Take Away.