Adventures Of Charles Darwin, Grade 5,6


Adventures Of Charles Darwin is an short account of Darwin’s journey and findings. It is suitable for upper primary school children. A map of the Galapagos Islands is included and sketches in black and white.

This teaching package is ideal for teaching in small groups or individually for intensive language work.  It may take three half-hour sittings to cover the material well. There is a Word Study with several multiple choice questions.

A Text Study follows. These questions require close reading and careful thought. They give children an chance to practice answering in complete sentences.

Reasonable duplication is permitted under this Copyright for teaching purposes for a group of any size.



Adventures Of Charles Darwin

Adventures of Charles Darwin is a 5-page lesson pack for Grades 5 and 6 in primary school.

What is in Adventures Of Charles Darwin

It includes

  • a 3-page account of his journey, with a map,
  • original drawings,
  • some information about his childhood as a junior scientist,
  • a review of words such as specimen, in multiple choice questions, and
  • some discussion and writing questions on the text.

Who Uses This Pack

This is suitable for Grades 5 and 6.

  • Parents and other adults can teach using this package with individuals in a private lesson or small groups.
  • It is designed to help parents teach their own child.

How To Use This Package

  • Let the tasks drive the lesson.
  • Depending on the child’s reading skills, share the reading task.  Always do two readings.
  • Allow the child to read the instructions.
  • Monitor progress through the material.
  • Marks are set out for the answers. Stop and mark every two or three questions as this helps the learner.
  • If the child is not sure, check the text.

This pack could take three half-hour sittings with the child.


Walter Hunt, Inventor Of The Safety Pin is suitable for this age group, with a history and science bent. Here is the link. shows very good maps, the first one on the page being a world map of the journey.

The topic is interesting. The material helps to inform children of important findings in science, with some geography included.