“After the Bushfire”, Literacy Lesson, Grade 2


“After the Bushfire” is a 3-page literacy lesson for Grade 2. A positive story of recovery, it is followed by writing tasks that support classroom learning. The focus is ‘the bossy e‘ at the end of words, suitable for Grade 2 children.

Parents and tutors can use this material easily – just follow the text through. Supported writing tasks follow the reading. It can be used on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or classroom learning.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


After the Bushfire

After the Bushfire is a 3-page literacy pack for Grade 2. The text tells the story of bushfire recovery. The focus is words ending in e such as gate and home. The family farm was burnt. The house is gone and the land is black. The child narrator collects stones in a bucket, watches the birds and lizards. The land is turning green again and Dad is building a new house. This bushfire recovery story can help children deal with misfortune. The pet dog is called Lucky.

Writing tasks include **finding words ending in ‘e’ such as came and drove, and writing them out, and **selecting the right word in a sentence, eg, through or threw. In the text study, the student answers questions on the text content by finishing sentences.

Parents and tutors will find this self-contained Grade 2 material easy to use. Great for home schooling.

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