All Scream For Ice-Cream, Science Literacy,


All Scream For Ice-Cream is a 3-page lesson pack for Grade 3 about the human tongue, its structure and functions.

It begins with a reading task followed by a writing, discussion, and a science activity. Included is a drawing of the tongue. For the science tasks students look closely at their own tongue to make observations. It will take about two sittings, and perhaps three, to complete.

Comes with a link for extension reading on the tongues of some animals and how it relates to their diet and body structure.



All Scream For Ice-Cream

All Scream For Ice-Cream is a 3-page lesson pack for Grade 3 about the tongue, its structure and functions. In simple language, the text reviews what children know already, and adds new facts. Text and word activities follow.

The Tongue And What It Does

Children know they like ice-cream but may not know they like it so much. Students read about the tough fibre of the tongue and how it is hitched to the body. Children can answer some questions through discussion as well as write. There are some new words, such as bitter, sour, taste buds and saliva. Students will enjoy the simple practical tasks. A self-assessment is included at the end.

All Scream For Ice-Cream

Parents, teachers and tutors can download and print out. Plenty of opportunity for discussion in this pack. It will take two sittings, maybe three, with a child to complete.


This site discusses the tongues of some animals. It makes a good extension activity and calls for some help for the reading. Here is the link:

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