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 Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a reading and writing activity for Grade 3, Grade 4 and possibly Grade 5. Anzac Day commemorates the Gallipoli Landing on 25 April, 1915. Every Australian child should know what happened during the Gallipoli Campaign and why Anzac Day is an important day for both Australians and New Zealanders.

More About The Item

The text is hand-printed to model good hand-writing. There are two maps and four questions relating to the text. Due to it being hand-printed it is three pages altogether. Anzac Day is suitable for home schooling and for parents who want to help their child with home work or a school project.


Anzac Day

A reading and writing activity best for Grade 3, Grade 4 and possibly Grade 5. This is a short account with two maps and a set of questions. The middle primary school child will get an understanding of what the Gallipoli Campaign tried to achieve. It is 3-pages and gives children experience in reading hand printed text.

Summary Of Anzac Day

This is a short hand-printed account with maps. It is followed by writing activities comprising

  • a reading task,
  • several questions that allow the child to recount the events and
  • work out why the Campaign was a failure.

Who Uses This Worksheet Pack

Middle Primary School. Parents can download and print in black and teach from this ready-to-use lesson. It is suitable for parents tutoring their own children and for home schooling. Price in Aus$.