That Bad Cat, Molly, Literacy, Prep, Grade 1


That Bad Cat, Molly! is a reading and then writing lesson (or two or three). How long you take to work through this item depends on your child.  It is about a naughty cat who is sent to Grandma’s to live. It is entertaining and every kid will laugh.

This lesson for Prep and Grade 1 has common words and three-letter words. Simple reading for the early primary school child has simple follow-up writing tasks.

  • Read the story. You could take it in turns with your child reading a paragraph each. Kids love that.
  • Find the rhyming words.
  • Number the sentences in correct sequence.
  • Colour the black and white drawing.

This 3-page literacy activity can be used by any parent. Sit next to your child, hear them read, discuss the events in the story. Does your child’s pet get up to mischief? Discuss with your child,  and watch while they do the writing tasks.


That Bad Cat, Molly!

That Bad Cat, Molly! is a reading task followed by a writing lesson about a naughty cat. It has

  • the reading task,
  • common words for Prep and Grade 1, and
  • plenty of three-letter words.
  • There are writing activities suitable for Grade 1 and Prep.
  • The child numbers the sentences in correct .
  • The drawing is black and white for colouring in.

Divide into two or three sittings with your child.

How The Story Begins

“I have a cat. We call her Molly.”

A literacy lesson of similar level, His Name Is Nip, can be found using this link:

Who Uses This Worksheet Set

This 3-page worksheet is suitable for some Prep children but mostly Grade 1. This is a ready-to-use lesson. Just print off and sit with your child.

How To Use This Package

  1. You could share the reading – children love to do that. One paragraph each.
  2. Watch over your child while she or he does the tasks.
  3. Avoid prompting your child. Self-correcting is a sign of progress.
  4. Give your child time to work out words using the phonic approach. Small hints can help when needed.

Any parent, non-teacher or teacher can download, print in black, and teach with ease. It can be used on a one to one basis or in small groups in a school setting. I have used this item many times in my own tutoring work with many children. I have adapted it so that parents can teach independently. Just use the text to prompt you and work though systematically. Give your child breaks when needed.