“That Bad Cat Molly”, Literacy, Prep-Grade 1


That Bad Cat, Molly! is a reading and writing lesson (or two or three) for Early Primary School.  3-page pack. How long you take to work through this item depends on your child.  It is about a naughty cat who is sent to Grandma’s to live. It is entertaining  Common words (called high frequency words) and three-letter words. Simple reading for the early primary school child with  follow-up writing tasks.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


That Bad Cat, Molly!

That Bad Cat, Molly! is a 3-page lesson pack for early primary school. Followed by a writing lesson about a naughty cat. Reading task, common words for Grade 1, and plenty of three-letter words. The text models hand printing. Children number the sentences in correct order. The drawing is black and white for colouring in.

The story begins“I have a cat. We call her Molly.” This is a ready-to-use lesson.  Anyone can use this package with confidence. Good for home school, extra help from parents, and group teaching.

A literacy lesson of similar level, His Name Is Nip, can be found using this link:
“His Name Is Nip”, Literacy, Grade 1

  1. You could share the reading – children love to do that. One paragraph each.
  2. Watch over children while they do the tasks.
  3. Avoid prompting the learner. Self-correcting is a sign of progress.
  4. Give children time to work out words using the phonic approach. Small hints can help when needed.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.