“Ben’s Hens” Read and Write, Grade 2


“Ben’s Hens” is about farm life. A 2-page read-and-write lesson for Grade 2. it has a short text with writing tasks to follow. Key spelling and word mastery is the goal while children can enjoy the content. For all children at this age, teachers, parents and tutors will find this easy to use and appealing to all students.

Teaching Reading And Writing, Grade 1 And 2 is a post on this site. It may be helpful to non-teachers engaged in a teaching role.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Ben’s Hens

Farm life is what“Ben’s Hens” is about . It is a 2-page literacy pack for Grade 2.  Ben lives on a small farm with some animals.

A Word Study follows with simple writing tasks around farm life. A Story Study has some questions about the story. The child writes answers in a phrase. Children can give themselves a rating along a number line. They enjoy that.

Teachers, parents and tutors can use this ready-to-go lesson easily. Pitch it at the right level for the child and it takes about an hour to do. Lots of opportunity to talk about animals and farm life.

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Free to make copies for teaching purposes.