“Bertie And The Crocodile”, Literacy, Grades 4,5,6


Bertie And The Crocodile is a chapter story. It extends children’s grasp of story structure. The last page is a set of discussion points with some writing tasks. The student takes an overview of the story, its setting, mood, the building of tension and the resolution.

Parents or other non-teachers can use this package to teach their own child. It is suitable for any teacher involved with small group teaching.

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Bertie And The Crocodile

Bertie And The Crocodile is an 7-page story.  It is followed by a page of discussion and writing with a focus on story structure. It is best for Grades 4 to 6.

What Is In Bertie And The Crocodile

It comprises:

  • a chapter story,
  • a 1-page study of story structure with words such as setting, mood, tension and crisis.

Who Uses This Package

Parents of any child in the middle to upper primary school. It is also suitable for anyone to download and teach in small groups, such as intensive classes in schools, or catch-up classes.

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