Blue Soup, Early Primary School

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Blue Soup is a story about a pre-schooler who wants jelly but it must be blue. Lots to talk about and laugh about in this item.

This is a story on its own without written activities. It is written in rhyming couplets and suitable for early primary school children.

Available to anyone to download and use. Enjoy.

Duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.


Blue Soup

Blue Soup is a  poem about a fussy eater. Jack wants blue jelly. He won’t eat fruit, tips over milk, and has a nap. He comes out and wants to help Mum make blue jelly.

A story in a poem in rhyming couplets. Children can enjoy it. It includes how Jack and his mum make the jelly. And Jack is happy in the end.

Any child and their parent can read and enjoy this. The rhyming makes it a fun read. It is a good way to introduce rhyming couplets in story-telling.

Blue Soup is a free item.

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