“Buzz and Hum”, Literacy for Grade 2


Buzz and Hum is a short story for Grade 2 children, with writing and drawing activities and play ‘spot the word’ for spelling. Here, there are the right words at the right time, and children can read for themselves.
Parents can help them along simply by following the text and the tasks. Draw a picture and write a story, circle the words with -ee- in the spelling – there are lots of activities and every child can learn using this lesson pack.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Buzz and Hum

Buzz and Hum is a 2-page literacy package for Grade 2. The text is about a child who plays in the puddles after rain and collects slugs and other insects.

Focus is on words with –ar-, -ck, -ee-, -ay, -er,  fly/my.

It contains * High frequency words.  * Easy words to sound out.   *Rhyming words. * Handwriting  Jj, * Bossy ‘e’,  *Draw and write a story. Grade 2.

Anyone can teach easily from this self-contained lesson pack. It is written in 16pt and would take two or three half hour lessons to do.

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Free to make copies for teaching purposes.

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