“Clauses Unit 2”, Literacy Early High School


 Clauses Unit 2

Clauses Unit 2 is a 2-page worksheet on clauses and follows on from Clauses Unit 1. Better knowledge in this aspect of grammar assists children with reading.

About Clauses Unit 2

  • In this lesson there are 24 sentences.
  • The student identifies the main clause and subordinate clause in each one.
  • The sentences are constructed on a set pattern so the student can learn easily.
  • There are explanations and examples.
  • The demonstrative pronouns, that and who, are also introduced.

This is suitable for Grade 5 upwards. Any student who has not been taught this explicitly in class needs to do this work.

Students can read and write better – a lot better – when they understand how sentences are constructed. And what makes a sentence is the main clause.

Who Uses Clauses Unit 2

This item is a follow-on from Clauses Unit 1 and is a step up in difficulty. Here is the link:


For many reasons parents want to teach their own child. I have used this material many times in my own teaching work and I have edited it especially for parents to use. It is straight-forward and self-contained in the content.  So anyone can teach using this worksheet set.

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A Literacy Package

This item is for older children. It has a science component to it.



Clauses Unit 2

Clauses, Unit 2  is the second of two writing tasks on clauses. This item has about 24 sentences with familiar contexts. Each one is carefully constructed with one main clause and one subordinate clause.

About Clauses Unit 2

This unit

  • assists students with reading and
  • provides valuable knowledge for students when asked to write or edit.
  • The student identifies and marks each clause.
  • At mid-way, the student is introduced to the demonstrative pronouns, that and who.
  • These pronouns often start a subordinate clause. For example, The boat that was moored at the jetty sailed the next day.

Who Uses Clauses Unit 2

  1. This is suitable for Grade 5,6,7,8 and 9.
  2. If a student has never been introduced to sentence analysis, it is suitable for any higher year level.
  3. Discussion with the student helps in the learning process.
  4. Use the explanations and examples to prompt you in teaching.

Anyone can teach from this ready-to-use lesson. Just download and print out.

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