“Cloud Spotting”, Science Literacy, Grade 3


Cloud Spotting starts children in Grade 3 with science concepts, names and methods. It includes close reading, general literacy, answering questions, picking the right word, true or false and a practical observation.
Reading is followed by a word and text study. The text would require two readings, the first for decoding and the second for comprehension. The activities are fun to do.
Grade 3 children could finish this in two half hour sittings. Taking it in turns to read with the child works well,or read first and then get the child to do the second reading. Plenty to discuss as you work through the tasks.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.

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Cloud Spotting

Cloud Spotting is a 4-page science literacy package. In simple language, it introduces children to three main types of cloud – cirrus, stratus and cumulus.

This unit includes:

  • some science terms that describe clouds;
  • warm, moist air rising, cooling and dropping in the form of rain;
  • Word Study with Pick the Right Word;
  • Text Study with answering in full sentences, True or False, and
  • practical activity to spot the clouds in the sky.

Parents and other non-teachers can use this package easily. It is suitable for one-to-one or in small groups. There is nothing to stop any teacher downloading this and using it with a class. Children enjoy this type of reading and writing activity from my experience. Suitable for parents doing home schooling with their child.

This external link is suitable for primary school children. They can see the photos of the three main cloud types with text that is also suitable. One page. https://extension.illinois.edu/treehouse/clouds.cfm?Slide=5

There are a number of similar items that introduce Middle Primary School children to some basic science and science-oriented ways of thinking. Especially for Grade 3, here is the link to  Flowering Plants.

Other items are suitable for good readers in this science category (living things). I have classified them by grade level according to the language level. Here is a link to Mushroom and other Fungi.

This Post should help parents get hold of some principal concepts from the results of the TIMMS. It is an international survey that includes Australia. I have extracted and simplified important points relating to teaching of science in particular. Here is the link: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/timms-report/