“Compound Words”, Literacy, Grade 2, 3


This is a one page activity with twenty-two words. Together they make up eleven compound words. The child matches them. The correct answers will be obvious to any adult. It includes words like postman and overcoat.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Compound Words

Compound Words is a one page activity for Grade 2 or 3. It is a set of twenty two words. The child matches the words in one column with each word in the second column. There are words such as door and mat, eye and lash.

Any parent can use this with their Grade 2 or Grade 3 child. It supports what is going on in classrooms.

This will help any non-teacher : “Teaching Grade 3 Literacy”, Helpful Hints
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Tap And Tapped revises the double the consonant rule. It has three activities and is two pages.  It includes a task of pick the right word from the box. Another task requires the child to write the words from thin to thinner and thinnest. Here is the link:

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.