“Counting Worksheet for Preps”


Counting Worksheet For Preps can be used for many counting tasks. Download and print. Make multiple copies. Suggested tasks: make groups of 2, circle groups of 3, divide in half, and count in ones. Are there more leaves than lollipops?

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Counting Worksheet for Preps

Counting Worksheet for Preps can be used over and over. Download and print. Make multiple copies. You can give your child lots of tasks such as

  • halving and making groups. Leaves, lollipops, blocks and daisies.
  • Use different colours,
  • count in ones,
  • count in twos,
  • add and take away.
  • Circle groups of 2 and 3,
  • halve groups.

This is a free item. It is useful for teaching maths to Preps and Grade 1. Anyone can use this as a model to make other counting sheets. Anyone can use this. Especially handy for parents. Make copies and teach. Use the hints provided above for various ways to use it. Younger students enjoy using hand-made materials. You can even say you made it yourself and I won’t mind at all!

Early Primary Maths Words List No. 1 List is a good reference sheet for parents. Print it off and keep it. You can tick off the terms that you have used with your child. Then reinforce the vocabulary in different situations. This word list is for children up to about Grade 3. So don’t expect your child to know all these words. Make sure they knows the words the classroom teacher is using for Prep. This is also ideal for home school. Here is the link: