“Cream And Everything Creamy”, Literacy



Cream And Everything Creamy

Cream And Everything Creamy is a reading and writing pack for Grade 2. Target words have ea spelling.

What Is In Cream And Everything Creamy

It includes:

  • a one page story,
  • finding the rhyming word,
  • finding the word with opposite meaning, and
  • writing 3 sentences and giving an opinion.

The target words are repeated through the story. There are a number of ea words in it. There are also many high frequency words.

Who Uses This Pack

This pack can be used by parents with their Grade 2 child. It is fun to read. Children are sure to have opinions of their own. It is best to sit with the child and read together. Two readings are a good way to go. The first reading is for the working out the words. The second reading is for comprehension.

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