Dingo, Literacy, Grade 3, 4


The Dingo is about Australia’s native dog. It is less well known than the fox and the wolf. The dingo has all the qualities of a wild dog and has adapted to the hot, dry climate. For Grades 2 and 3, there are about 7 comprehension questions following the text. Some answers are supported with a starter. It is in 18pt and has a black and white drawing.

Any parent can help their Grade 2 or 3 child using this unit of reading and writing. This worksheet set supports the literacy program in the schools and can be used for small group teaching in schools. It aims to extend children’s general knowledge and literacy skills.



The Dingo

The Dingo is about Australia’s native wild dog.  In this package there are:

  • Two pages of reading and comprehension for Grades 2 and 3,
  • Comprises a page of reading and several questions about the text.
  • Some answers are started so the child gets support.
  • There is an attractive line drawing of a dingo.
  • This is a short literacy activity.
  • The most difficult word is ‘distance’.
  • There is a line drawing to enhance the text.

Who Uses This Worksheet

Suitable for Grades 2 and 3Any parent can download, print and teach using this. I have used it many times in my own teaching and tutoring work and now make it available for parents. It is straight-forward. For many reasons parents need to teach their own children so I have adapted my material to make it easy.

Extension links:

Ants And Their Colonies is about the same level and is also about creatures. There is also a diagram. The child cuts the words out and uses them to label the ant’s anatomy.


The text at this link is suitable for primary school children. Grades 2 and 3 will need an adult to help. It has good pics and a video.