Extra Sight Words, Grade 2, 3


Extra Sight Words

This is a one page set of sight words. There are 55 altogether. They are in lists and each list is given a colour. These ones follow on from Sight Words For Prep And Grade 1. Most of the words in these lists are for late Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Any parent can download this sheet and keep it for reference.

  • I suggest making flash cards for each set.
  • I have given each set a colour and no colour is repeated in any product.
  • When you have made flash cards, colour in the corner of each card so you know what set they belong to.
  • The link below takes you to the Prep and Grade 1 lists.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes for any sized group.




Extra Sight Words

Extra Sight Words is a one-page sheet with an additional list for late Grade 1 and four lists for Grade 2. These continue from Sight Words For Prep And Grade 1.  I have given each list a colour. There are 55 words altogether. It is printed in 20 point.

Who Uses These Lists

These lists are used in some schools in Victoria, Australia. They are common words that help to extend Grade 2 children’s reading. Parents can download and print. Refer to them in a folder as well as make flash cards. The link below to Sight Words For Prep And Grade 1 gives you plenty of clues on how to make flash cards as well as how to use them with your child.


Here is the link for the earlier lists: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/sight-words-prep-grade-1/

This link will help any non-teacher to teach better. https://www.tutoringprimary.com/teaching-reading-writing-grade-1-grade-2/

 How To Make Flash Cards and and how to use them. https://www.tutoringprimary.com/flash-cards-make-literacy/