“Feeding the Ducks”, Literacy, Grade 2


Improve your child’s spelling with this reading item. Feeding the Ducks is a page of reading suitable for Grades 2 and 3. The Word Study that follows is fun to do. Words ending in -ck are the focus of this item.

Buzz and Hum, Grade 2 will also interest a child who loves the outdoors.


Feeding the Ducks is a 2-page reading and writing item for Grade 2. Rick and Jackie go the gully and make friends with the ducks. Target words have -ck in the spelling. There are also  ee  and  oo words.

It starts with a reading task. The Word Study that follows has two tasks:

  • matching word meanings and
  • writing the right word from the box into a sentence.

Parents, tutors and teachers can use this item with confidence. It is self contained.

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