“Flowering Plants”, Science, Grade 3


Flowering Plants is a 4-page set of reading and writing tasks with some practical activities.  The Grade 3 child learns the basics of the structure of flowering plants. It has several drawings. The student also collects a leaf, and a flower for drawing.

Parents and non-teachers can use this material easily with their child. It is suitable for a small group as well. Download, print and sit next to the child while working.

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Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants is a 4-page literacy and science package for Grade 3 children.  It is probably 3 half-hour sittings if all activities are done well.

What Is In This Pack

This package has

  • a 3-page account of flowering plants in simple English,
  • practical activities such as cutting a section of a live flower,
  • a set of activities including True and False, and
  • drawing the section of the flower.

Who Uses This Package

Parents and other adults can use this pack to help any Grade 3 child. It is suitable for coaching in a small group.

A Similar Item

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Helpful Hints

This link takes you to a Page with lots of guidance on tutoring the Grade 3 child in literacy.