Friday Quiz, Literacy, Grade 2, 3


Friday Quiz starts with a short story. Linda and her mother talk about what happened in class. It targets words beginning with qu-. It’s followed by a Word Study and Text Study. Plenty of extended reading in this 3-page item. Allow 3 half-hour sittings with the child. There is:

  • extended reading with a parent
  • targeted vocabulary,
  • high frequency words,
  • punctuation marks,
  • review questions, and
  • discussion and writing with adult guidance.

Parents, Teaching Aides, tutors and other adults can make use of it.  The material will guide you through. Discuss, write, correct and your child will learn.

Reasonable duplication is permitted under this Copyright for teaching purposes in a group of any size.



Friday Quiz

Friday Quiz is a lesson bundle for Grades 2 and 3 with a short story about Friday afternoon in class. It targets words beginning with qu.

About This Lesson Pack

It includes:

  • a story about Ms Black’s quiz on Friday afternoon,
  • words beginning with qu such as quiz and question.
  • punctuation marks,
  • rhyming words to learn spelling groups, and
  • questions for discussion and writing.

Who Uses This Pack

It’s great for Grade 2 and 3, and parents or other adults teaching on a one to one basis or in small groups. Let the text and tasks guide you, the parent, in leading your child or children through. Below are links to a similar package and a Page that will give you the clues you need.

A Similar Pack

This pack has a bent towards girls. It is about a child who thinks she has seen a fairy in the garden – but may not!


This page provides hints on how to teach this age group. Note that because this product is for both Grade 2 and 3, there is an overlap. Your child could be more Grade 2 than 3.

The Fry Word Lists, written by Professor Fry is easy to download and easy to use. Here is the link: