“A Funeral For Jay”, Literacy In Primary School


A Funeral For Jay.

Justin helps his little sister feel better by holding a funeral for her dead pet. It’s a secret funeral in the backyard on Saturday morning. It is a solemn affair. Mum and Dad return from shopping and then the children get ready for sport.

The target word pattern in this text is  mn,  such as hymn, solemn, autumn.

  • The child reads,
  • finds words,
  • makes a list,
  • adds related word forms and
  • writes meanings in his or her own words.

Who Uses This Item

Suitable for Year 4 and 5 and their parents. Parents tutoring their own children can download, print and teach. Any parent can teach using this worksheet package. I have taught many children using this material myself and I am making it available to parents to help their their own children.  Price in Aus$.

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A Funeral For Jay.

A Funeral For Jay is about Sophie’s pet guinea pig, Jay, that dies. Justin, her brother, understands her loss.

The Story

Sophie wants a funeral for her dead pet. The two children hold a secret funeral in the backyard. They say the bits of the Ode of Remembrance that they heard last Anzac Day because they don’t know a hymn. Sophie feels better. Their parents come home from shopping, and then the children get ready for sport.

Literacy Activities

Following the reading, writing tasks include

  • making a list of  mn  words from the text,
  • writing another form of each word and
  • then the child writes the meanings in their own words own words.
  • Examples of words are: solemn and autumn. Writing another form of the word needs help, but autumnal, for instance, explains why we have  n  in the word autumn. Acquaintance with the new word is enough.
  • There are text response questions.
  • The items in the Activities section have 24 marks divided between the questions.

Who Uses This Package

It is suitable for parents tutoring their own Grade 4 or 5 child. If a question is allocated 2 marks then the child needs to have two points in the answer. Take half a mark off for a writing problem especially if the word is in the text to copy.  Price in Aus$.

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