A Funeral for Jay


Justin helps his little sister feel better when her pet guinea pig dies. They hold a secret funeral in the backyard on Saturday morning. It is a solemn affair. Mum and Dad return from shopping and the children get ready for sport.

The target word pattern in this text is 'mn', such as 'hymn, solemn, autumn. The child reads, finds words, makes a list, adds related word forms and writes meanings in his or her own words. Suitable for Year 4 and 5, this was designed to help the parent as tutor at home.

Product Description

Sophie’s pet guinea pig dies. Justin, her brother, understands her loss. Sophie wants a funeral for her dead pet. The two children hold a secret funeral in the backyard. They say the bits of the Ode of Remembrance that they heard last Anzac Day because they don’t know a hymn. Sophie feels better. Their parents come home from shopping and the children get ready for sport.

The Activities include making a list of ‘mn’ words from the text, writing another form of each word and then writing the meanings in the child’s own words. Examples of words are: solemn and autumn. There are text response questions. The items in the Activities section have 24 marks divided between the questions.