Goblin Groups, Literacy, Grade 3

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Goblin Groups is a 1-page literacy activity for any Grade 3 child.

This activity is suitable for any parent to use and should take half an hour. The child reads the instructions.This encourages independence. Then the child carries them out and that involves ruling up a page in their workbook. The child then writes in the headings.

Some discussion and teaching is timely. The child should be able to read – even by sounding out – the words in the box. Then the child decides if it’s a mammal, bird or fish. The child writes each in the right column.

Helpful hints can be found in the Pages and Posts on this site. “Match the Animals to Their Babies” is a word matching activity that Grade 3 children will learn a lot from. The link is in the box below.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in a group of any size.



Goblin Groups

Goblin Groups is a 1-page activity for Grade 3 children in large print. It targets following written instructions in ruling up a page in their workbook and writing in the headings. This is about deciding if each creature is Mammal, Fish or Bird.

What Is In Goblin Groups

It includes:

  • reading and carrying out written instructions correctly,
  • reading the words in the box, and
  • writing each word in the right column by classifying.

Who Uses Goblin Groups

Any parent or other adult can teach a Grade 3 child or small group with this material. The adult can help the child to read and follow the instructions, tick off each one, correct and discuss, and award marks. No marks are set but something out of 10 is reasonable. This activity could take half an hour.

A Similar Pack

Match the Animals to Their Babies helpschildren learn the names of animals and what we call the baby of each species. Here is the link: