Grammar: Phrases and the Present Participle, No 4

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Phrases and the Present Participle, No 4.

Beginning a sentence with “Going” or “Having” makes students’ writing varied. Examples and practice in this worksheet give a student another sentence opening.

This is a one-page item. It’s suitable for Grades 5 and 6. Parents tutoring their own child will find it easy to do and easy to teach. Takes about 15 minutes to complete.


Phrases And The Present Participle, No 4.

This worksheet gives Grade 5 and 6 practice with phrases. Writing better sentences becomes easier. The student selects the best phrase for each of five sentences. The student then writes sentences using the same pattern. This material supports what is taught in the classroom. Important knowledge and skills are in this worksheet, and the others in this series, and may not be taught adequately in school. Use the links to read the other free worksheets in this series.

Who Uses This Worksheet on Phrases

A free item, this is targeted to Grades 5 and 6 but Year 7 can also find it helpful. It is suitable for home schooling. Parents who want to improve their child’s language skills at home will find this useful. It supports what is being taught in school.