Grapple With Grammar, Literacy, Grade 6,7,8


“Grapple With Grammar” is a 3-page pack, comprising two pages of tasks and an answer sheet. the focus is on extension of word knowledge. Activities include forming opposites using prefixes, changing suffixes and word forms, punctuating a paragraph and inserting the apostrophe in senteces.

Any adult can teach using this material. It is designed for non-teachers but is compact for use in small classes. Parents can use this with their own child. Grade 6, Year 7 and 8 children can deal with this material. It should take one hour. It’s best to do it in two half-hour sittings with the student/s.

Similar Items with links are provided below. For items with reading tasks as well, search under the Year Level categories. Most items on this site include reading and writing tasks. This one is grammar, vocabulary and related tasks only.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in a group of any size.




Grapple With Grammar

Grapple With Grammar is a 2-page Literacy and English Language package. It is suitable for Grade 6, Years 7 and 8. It is includes the Answer Sheet for quick reference.

What Is InĀ Grapple With Grammar

  • Change from adjectives to adverbs,
  • Add prefixes and suffixes,
  • Select the right word for the sentences,
  • Punctuate a paragraph, and
  • Insert the apostrophes.

Who Uses This Package

Anyone can use this for their teaching of Grade 6, and Year 7 and 8. It can also be used with adult education. The Answer Sheet, page 3, will help with correction and explanation for students.

A Similar Item

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A Helpful Page

Literacy For Grades 7 and 8 is a Page that can be read online. It will give any non-teacher lots of help and hints.