Grasses Are Graminoids, Grades 3,4


Grasses Are Graminoids is a 4-page science literacy item. It introduces children to a category of plant life. It follows 3 other items on fungi, trees and flowering plants.

Suitable for use by parents and others with Grade 3 and 4 children, it includes

  • diagrams,
  • fill-in-the-gap activity (called cloze)
  • a practical task of finding grains or foods made from grains from the home cupboard.
  • It also includes some terms, such as carbohydrates, husk and germ (of the grain).

Helpful Hints and links to similar items are below.

Duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.



Grasses Are Graminoids

Grasses Are Graminoids is a 4-page science literacy pack suitable for Middle Primary School children. The reading task is 3 pages with some scientific terms.

What Is In Grasses Are Graminoids

It includes,

  • a simple introduction to grasses that are included in the graminoid family;
  • a diagram in colour of the parts of the wheat grain;
  • black and white graphics of several grasses, including bamboo and sugarcane;
  • pick the word from the box to complete the text; and
  • a practical activity involving finding seeds from the pantry.

Who Uses This Pack

This is suitable for use with Grade 3 and 4. The purpose of the specialised words is to acquaint children with them without them being used in the follow up activities. Parents can use this easily. Children need some supervision and help.

This external link has an excellent diagram that opens in front of you as soon as you go to it. This is about the animals of the African tropical savanna.

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Helpful Hints

Close Reading and Other Purposes discusses the different kinds of reading children are given and the importance of reading some texts slowly and taking special notice of every word. Reading for detail is a valuable skill when studying science subjects. Here is the link: