“The Heart And How It Works”, Literacy


The Heart And How It Works.

Grades 3 and 4 can get acquainted with the heart through this bundle of lessons.

  • Three line diagrams and simple words explain how the heart works.
  • Kids follow the sequence of blood entering and leaving the heart.
  • They learn about oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Literacy Tasks

These include:

  •  pairing activity,
  • writing opposites,
  • filling in the blanks, and
  • finding the subject of simple sentences.

This 5-page set of literacy and science activities builds vocabulary and knowledge. There is plenty of material to interest this age group and lots to work with.

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The Heart And How It Works

The Heart And How It Works is for children in Middle Primary School. Using this package your child can learn about the heart and important words related to the heart. The language is simple but some specialized words are included. Oxygen, aorta, ventricle and atrium are introduced. It is simplified with three diagrams.

Who Uses This Package

  • Parents can sit with their child and work through the reading, the word study and text study.
  • Any parent can download, print and teach using this 5-page set of literacy lessons. It is easy to use.
  • Let the material drive the lessons. The text acts as your guide.
  • Read with your child – slowly.
  • Two readings are recommended. The first reading is for decoding and the second reading is for comprehension.
  • If your child hesitates, give him or her time to decode using their phonics knowledge.

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