“Holiday In The North”, Literacy In Primary School


Holiday in the North.

This is a story about a journey with Grandma and Grandpa from Katherine in the Northern Territory to Cairns in North Queensland. The child narrator shares these experiences with the reader. In these two lessons,

  • there are common words and target words.
  • match-the-meanings,
  • true and false, and
  • comprehension questions.

Holiday In The North is full of action. Budgerigars, wallabies and kangaroos fill the landscape. Junior has more fun than his grand-parents but they get to the end of their journey in one piece. They use a winch and wedges to get out of ditches and these words are examples of the vocabulary presented to the reader.

Simple Tools is a good package to do first.  And then The Burke And Wills Expedition.  The links are available below.

Who Uses This Package

It is suitable for parents that want to help their own children.  Download, print and teach using this off-the-shelf literacy package. Your child will progress with these learning materials. Price in Aus$.


Holiday In The North

Holiday In The North is a story about North Queensland not the Arctic. The child is on a journey with Grandma and Grandpa. In this 4-page package for Grades 5 and 6 there are:

  • common words and
  • target words for Grade 5 and Grade 6 children.
  • The target words are -dge- and -tch words. Target words are in italics.
  • This story also introduces the simple tools they use.
  • The Activities include matching meanings, identifying and writing out target vocabulary, true and false statements and others.

Summary Of The Story

On the trip, they solve problems like dodging kangaroos and getting out of bogs. The grandparents are under strain while Junior finds it entertaining. They drive from Katherine in the Northern Territory across Arnhem Land to Numbulwar and then to Karumba. Then off to Cairns in Queensland. Grandpa’s mistake is taking a dirt road. But the flocks of budgerigars and wallabies along the way make the experience exciting. Grandma thinks she’s having a heart attack and Junior enjoys the drama.

Who Uses This Package

This is suitable for parents who want to help their child with literacy. I recommend that you use the following items before this one, or use them together. The links below take you to Simple Tools and The Burke And Wills Expedition. In the original expedition, the crew arrived at modern-day Karumba before going back.



It is best for Grades 5 and 6. Parents can download, print and teach using this off-the-shelf package. Discuss your child as you go along, and rely on the text to prompt you through the teaching task. Price in Aus$

Helpful For Parents

This link takes you to a Page that introduces the teaching issues for these year levels. It is full of discussion, ideas and suggestions for parents and others. It gives a good background to enable you to do the task better.