“Jacqueline”, Literacy, Grade 5, 6


Jacqueline is a 2-page story and set of writing tasks for Grades 5 or 6, and includes a story and writing tasks based on the text. The tasks draw on the words and grammar of the story. The story is about a girl who overcomes being depressed when she takes a challenge. She withdraws money from her bank account on her own, buys her father a gift.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.



Jacqueline is a 4-page literacy teaching pack for Grades 5 or 6. A story about a girl whose father has had an accident. She goes to the bank and takes out some money for a gift. Off to the bank and the post office on her own. The activities include selecting events and making a short summary, describing a character, selecting correct meanings from the box, and others.

Anyone can teach with confidence with this item. It is easy to use.

A Family’s Fresh Start is a similar item for these year levels. Link:

“The Everything Kids Money Book: Earn It, Save It and Watch it Grow” by J.D. Brette McWhorter Sember (Author) is available from book outlets and can be supplied by Amazon. Here is the link:


Free to make copies for teaching purposes.