“Jane’s Dog”, Literacy Grade 3, 4


Jane’s Dog has a short story for Grade 3, 4. Word focus is endings in -k and -ck and the vowel combinations ee andoo, 4 pages in large print. The story is built around these words.  Two children go to the creek with their dog, Maffy. Set in the Australian context, it uses common words and familiar expressions.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Jane’s Dog

Jane’s Dog is a literacy lesson pack for Grades 3, 4. It is about two children who go to the creek with their dog, Maffy. It is set in the Australian context and it is a 4-page pack. It focuses on words ending in -k and -ck, and words with ee and oo. Tasks: changing the suffix and writing tasks based on the story.

Anyone can teach using this package.  Suits home school, one to one tuition and small groups. Just use the material to prompt you forward. All necessary explanations are provided.

In this Page, lots of suggestions on how to go about teaching with the reading task.Lesson Packs For Grade 3 And 4, Home School

Jasper’s Bad Behaviour is at a similar level. It is also fiction, from a cockatoo’s point of view of . Here is the link:

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.