Jasper’s Bad Behaviour, Literacy, Grade 4,5


Jasper’s Bad Behaviour

Jasper’s Bad Behaviour includes

  • comprehension questions,
  • present and simple past tenses and others.
  • Literacy activities relate to the story about two cockatoos raiding a walnut tree.

What Is In Jasper’s Bad Behaviour

One cockatoo tells a story about his naughty friend, the other cockatoo.

  • Many simple and common words are repeated.
  • The most difficult words are verandah, neighbourhood and autumn.
  • The Word Study has activities on conjunctions,
  • writing the simple past tense of given words, and
  • prefixes to form opposites.
  • It is in 16pt and the story is four pages in length.

Who Uses Jasper’s Bad Behaviour

  • Suitable level for Grade 4.
  • This double lesson  or three is suitable for Middle Primary School.
  • For many reasons, parent wants to teach their child at home.
  • The family lives in an isolated place or have an unwell child.
  • This, and all my materials, stand alone. Each is independent. Yet all tasks target literacy skills.
  • If parents want to give their child extra help, this supports classroom learning.

These are the parents I am aiming to support with my teaching materials. Download, print and teach with confidence. You will see progress in your child’s reading and other literacy skills.

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Jasper’s Bad Behaviour

Jasper’s Bad Behaviour has a story about two wild cockatoos visiting a backyard walnut tree. Jasper is so naughty that Funky decides to come back another time. This entertaining story shows how smart cockatoos are.

Who Uses Jasper’s Bad Behaviour

This 4-page worksheet unit is suitable for Grade 4.

  • The most difficult words are verandah, neighbourhood and autumn.
  • It is followed by some comprehension questions.
  • The word activities focus on opposites, such as appear and disappear and
  • the formation of the simple past tense. This includes common irregular verbs such as get and got.
  • There is a question on conjunctions as well.

Who Uses This Pack

Best for Grade 4, but depending on the child, it could be used with Grade 5. Any parent can download, print and teach using this unit. I have used it in my own tutoring. I’ve adapted it a bit so parents can use it successfully.

  • The layout of my teaching units is predictable.
  • They begin with a story or non-fictional account.
  • Then they are followed by literacy activities. These are usually divided into Word Study and Text Study.
  • Simple black and white drawings enhance the text. Some children like to colour them in.

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