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John Hawkins in the Caribbean

This is a short history of a famous Elizabethan seafarer. This literacy lesson is suitable for Grade 6 and Year 7. This 6-page unit is about the Battle of San Juan de Ullo in the Caribbean. It has a Word Study and a Text Study. It is a one-off project that parents can use if tutoring their children. It is also suitable for home schooling.

The dramatic events of 1558 in the Caribbean between John Hawkins of the English fleet and the Spanish galleons had a profound result. John Hawkins never went to sea again after his horrific experiences. He became a naval administrator for the Crown. His insight and planning resulted in new designs for ships, new organisation and discipline and the defeat of the eighty ships of the Spanish Armada twenty years later.

Who Uses This Package

Years 6 and 7 and possibly Year 8. Parents can use the material to guide them through with their child. Download, print and teach. Discuss with your child as you go along.


John Hawkins In The Caribbean

John Hawkins In The Caribbean is a short account of an Elizabethan seafarer. This literacy lesson with reading and writing tasks is suitable for Grade 6 and Year 7 or twelve and thirteen year old students.

Summary of John Hawkins In The Caribbean

John Hawkins was captain of the Minion and sailed to the Caribbean in 1558. The fleet took refuge at San Juan on the coast of Mexico after a storm. The ‘great ships’ of Spain sailed into port and things got nasty. The Spanish sank the smaller English ships and launched fire ships at the fleet. Only skill and speed got the remaining ships out of port. Damaged and overcrowded, without supplies, John Hawkins and Francis Drake took the remaining ships back to England.

Who Uses This Worksheet Pack

This 6-page package in 16pt is followed by a number of language activities. These include

  • an exciting read for students about two adventurous and quick-thinking sailors
  • matching synonyms,
  • word meanings,
  • changing nouns to verbs and
  • short-answer questions about the content.

It is suited to Grade 6, Year 7 and 8, Parents can download and print. This is ready-to-use and straight-forward.