“Let’s Make Kites”, Literacy Grade 2, 3


Let’s Make Kites is 3-page lesson pack for Grades 2, 3. The story is set in rural Australia. A reading task about a get-together on a farm. Comprehenion questions follow. Intructions on making a simple kite are part of the text.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Let’s Make Kites

Let’s Make Kites is a 3-page literacy lesson pack for Grades 2 , 3. A farm in Australia is the setting. Families get together to do some jobs and the children make kites. Discussion and comprehension questions.

Easy to use for anyone, teacher or non-teacher. Suitable for one-to-one tutoring, small groups and good for home school.

A support for non-teachers is: “Teaching Grade 3 Literacy”, Helpful Hints

A similar package is: “When I Was Six”, Literacy, Grade 2,3 There are many others on this site.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.