Lost Balloon, Literacy, Grade 1


Lost Balloon is a 3-page package for Grade 1. It is probably 2 half-hour lessons with two readings of the story.

Parents and other adults can use this in one-to-one lessons with a child. Or in a small group. Read together, read alone, discuss and write.

It includes a 2-page story in big print with simple sketches to colour in.

Duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.



Lost Balloon

Lost Balloon is a 3-page reading and writing package for Grade 1.

What Is In Lost Balloon

It includes

  • a 2-page story,
  • sight words,
  • a set of 3 writing tasks, and
  • focus words are in, under, behind, over.

Who Uses This Pack

This is for Grade 1 and their parents or other adults. Anyone can use this material and teach well.  It should take two half-hour sessions if you do two readings with your child. The sittings could make up two lessons.

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