“Magnet Maths Grade 5”, Maths In Primary School

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Magnet Maths Grade 5

Magnet Maths Grade 5 is a free bundle of 5 maths worksheets.

What Is In Magnet Maths Grade 5

It includes:

  • a page on fractions practice. Most have the same denominators.
  • perimeter, area and angles,
  • fractions to decimals, and
  • division sums
  • It also has a drawing of a desert rabbit for children to practise their 6 times table.

Who Uses This Package

Any parent or non-teacher can use this as well as teachers. It’s very suitable to one to one teaching with a child. Anything the child does not know can be taught. It gives the adult close knowledge of what a child’s skills are like.

A Similar Product

Meridian Maths is another package of 5 worksheets for Grade 5. Here is the link: