Main Clauses and Subordinate Clauses, Task2


The task has about 20 sentences with one main and one subordinate clause. There are explanations and examples. The demonstrative pronoun is also introduced.This is suitable for Grade 5 upwards and any student not aware of it before.
Children can read and write better – a lot better – when they understand how sentences are constructed and what makes a sentence. This item is a follow-on from Task(1) and is a step up in difficulty.It is written for the parent as tutor to his or her own child.

Product Description

This is the second of two task items on main clauses and subordinate clauses. Sentence analysis is an important skill for late primary school and early secondary school. It assists children with reading. It is a valuable knowledge for children when asked to write or edit. The student identifies and marks each clause. At mid-way, the student is introduced to the demonstrative pronouns “that” and “who”. These pronouns often start a subordinate clause, eg “The boat that was moored at the jetty sailed the next day”.

This item has about 20 sentences with a familiar Australian context. Each sentence is constructed with one main clause and one subordinate clause. This item is suitable for Grade 5,6,7,8 and 9. If a student has never been introduced to sentence analysis it is suitable for any year level.