Market Mayhem, Literacy, Grade 3


Market Mayhem is a 2-page story in 14pt followed by writing activities suitable for Grade 3 children. It targets words such as market and pocket.

Parents, tutors, teachers and others are welcome to download and print out. Multiple copies are allowed. Let the material guide the teaching. Discuss and instruct as you move through the tasks.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.


Market Mayhem

Market Mayhem is a 3-page literacy pack for Grade 3 with target spelling and high frequency words.

What Is In Market Mayhem

It includes:

  • a 2-page story about animals that get away. Five rabbits and two baby ferrets are on the loose at the Farmers’ Market;
  • a page of literacy activities,
  • target words ending in -et such as pocket and jacket,
  • a simple story writing task.

Who Uses This Package

Parents and others teaching Grade 3 on a one to one basis or in small groups. Anyone can make multiple copies really. Do the reading task with two readings, the first for decoding and the second for understanding.

Helpful Ideas

This link will give children some basic information about ferrets as these feature in the story.

Here is the link to Grade 3 Helpful Hints:

Similar Items

“When I Was Six” is also fictional and has a similar layout with a reading activity and word and text tasks.  It includes animals. It is based on a true story.