“Meridian Maths Grade 5”, Maths In Primary School

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Meridian Maths Grade 5

Meridian Maths Grade 5  is a bundle of 5 worksheets.

What Is In Meridian Maths Grade 5

It includes:

  • a sheet on fractions of time,
  • the calendar,
  • a sheet on multiplication of 5-digit numbers. This uses 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 times tables.
  • a tables test to check speed a accuracy. Give a time limit.
  • a drawing created by various times tables the the child completes. Kids love these drawings.

Who Uses This Pack

Any parent, any non-teacher can use it as well as a teacher. The worksheets are straight-forward and easy to use. It’s important to sit next to your child, or hover, so you can spot the ‘teaching moments’. If your child can’t do something, then show him or her.

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