Mr Fuller’s Race, Literacy Prep & Grade 1


Mr Fuller’s Race is a two-page literacy unit is for late Prep and Grade 1. The text is about a running race and Mr Fuller is the teacher. Peter has gone for a drink. The children don’t want to start the race until he comes back because he is the best runner.

The unit targets words ending in -er. The colours red, blue and green as well as three words ending in -ing are part of the literacy tasks. The child:

  • reads the text. I recommend two readings, one for decoding and one for comprehension.
  • circles the words in three tasks using a red, blue or green pencil as instructed. Children enjoy this.
  • writes the words according to the directions. This is a simple copying activity.

This is for parents and other non-teachers to enable them to teach a child on a one to one basis. It can also be used in groups by teachers. It is best for late Prep and Grade 1. It would only be in late Prep (first year of school) that a child would know some of the sight words and be able to read with help. Download, print in black and teach with confidence. Let the text drive the lesson for you.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes for any sized group.




Mr Fuller’s Race

Mr Fuller’s Race is a two-page literacy unit for late Prep and Grade 1. It uses many sight words and targets words have  er  on the end. The story is simple. Peter has gone for a drink of water before the race. Mr Fuller is the teacher. The children want to wait until Peter comes back before the race because he is the best runner in the class.

Reading And Writing In Mr Fuller’s Race

The story provides reading practice for the early reader. It uses quotation marks, sight words and words with er terminals, such as runner and better. Following the reading task there are three word tasks. These are,

  • from the box, finding the sight words in the story, and circling them,
  • finding the words ending in -ing, circling them and writing them out,
  • finding the words ending in -er, circling them and writing out five of them.
  • Children need to recognise the colours red, blue and green.

Who Uses Mr Fuller’s Race

Anyone can download, print in black, and teach a Prep or Grade 1 child, or a small group, using this package. It is probably a one-lesson period of half an hour. Your child may do better with two sittings of 15 to 20 minutes.  I have used this material many times myself. I have made some changes to make it easier for parents to use successfully. In the following Page, you will find lots of hints on how best to teach your child using my lesson. Here is the link:

Here are a few hints on using this package.

  • Give your child time to use his or her phonics knowledge to decode unfamiliar words.
  • Remind the child that there are many sight words that he or she will already know.
  • Ask the child what we call the inverted commas. They may say talking marks, and that’s okay.
  • If the child stops completely in the early part of the story, then stop. The adult can do the first reading. Point to the words along each word and under the word, from the start to the end of the word. This is more deliberate than bed-time reading and should be at a desk or table.
  • If the child whizzes through the reading, it is too easy. He or she needs something more demanding.


Yapping In The Yard is suitable for the same age group. It is simple and repetitive, and targets the letter  y as a consonant.

This link takes you to Double Sounds Are Fun Poster on website, priced at $9.95 at time of writing.