“My Grandfather and Me” Literacy for Grade 1


My Grandfather and Me is a 2-page literacy lesson. It models good hand-printing using 3-letter and 4-letter words. A little help is probably needed for the child to read alone. The student can give the story a title. In the task the child picks out rhyming words and finds words connected to dogs.
Free to make copies for teaching purposes.




My Grandfather and Me

In large print, the text models good hand printing. My Grandfather and Me is a 2-page literacy lesson for Grade 1.  Ideal for one-to-one teaching, the child can read this one-page text alone. It’s suitable for small group teaching and home school. Lots of 3-letter and 4-letter words. ‘Around’ and ‘grandfather’ are the longest words.

It is followed by two word activities: finding the rhyming word and picking words out that relate to dogs.

My Grandfather and Me offers lots of discussion points. The student can give the story a title too.

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Free to make copies for teaching purposes.